Mindfulness Meditation

I have recently been learning more about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. There are several types of meditations, some more based in religion than others. The type I practice is not religious. Mindfulness is about being with this moment, however it is, non-judgmentally. There is a long list of benefits that go with this (studies will be included here soon. Page in progress).

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In Fall 2017, I took a free 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) with Lineliz (“Linnie”) Vassallo at Georgia State University, which included a 1-day meditation retreat toward the end. In Spring 2018, I took a course to lead meditation and introduce others to mindfulness as a “Mindful Ambassador” with Linnie. Of course, there is no pressure! The goal is just to introduce those who are interested. I concurrently took a course called Space to Breathe with Linnie.

Recommended Meditation Apps:

HEADSPACE — great introduction for beginners, 10 meditations free
Insight Timer — completely free, anyone can upload a meditation, better with prior meditation experience

Favorite/Recommended Guided Meditation Speakers:

Recommended Reading:


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