LaTeX Personal Journal Template

I’ve created a simple template to be used as a personal diary or journal. Benefits over a typical hand-written journal include (1) no set entry length, (2) the ability to write as fast as one can type — often much faster than hand-writing speed, and (3) no pressure to write every day — rather than the standard journal with a page/heading for each day, this journal has only headings for the days you choose to write. I do not claim to be any sort of LaTeX expert, but I have found creating this template helpful for my own personal use. I hope you find it useful as well. Happy writing!


Helpful Links

Benty-Fields is a website that can be used to help track (1) publications, such as those from your favorite categories posted on arXiv, (2) job listings, which you can add to a calendar, and (3) a journal club of your own making, where members can vote for and read publications.  I have found it useful for all three!